Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love It

I love online shopping. It's so fun, and easy, and stress free... and I can do it while Leah is napping. Within the next two weeks I will have some happy surprises on my porch. Nope not flaming bags of dog poop, hopefully. But 3 packages from, 1 from (monster sale, monster sale, monster sale - there are some great deals online right now), and 1 containing a much anticipated newly released Fancy Nancy book. I feel so accomplished.


I'm writing this and realizing that it's all for Leah. Whatevah!


Amber said...

All for Leah? I thought the Fancy Nancy book was for Matt! Gotta love good deals and online shopping!

Mirien said...

Is is bad when you have your credit card number and security code memorized from typing it in so often? I love online shopping, too, especially when you can get free shipping. CP is one of my favorites, too!