Monday, June 22, 2009

Back in the Saddle

So I'm back from Girl's Camp. Surprisingly, I still have about 90% of my sanity in place.

Also, Matt told me yesterday that the raspberry bush in our front yard is finally starting to show fruit. I checked today, and he wasn't joking! The little berries aren't big or ripe yet (I had to try one, and then one more after that just for good measure), but they are there. And they are going to be delicioso!


Mirien said...

I haven't been to girls' camp since I was a YW myself! Glad you survived. And I'm anxiously awaiting my blackberries and raspberries, too! Last year we got about 2 handfuls, but Brian has assured me we'll have a huge crop this year. Let's hope.

Tracy said... was camp?? I realize this question requires a phone call.