Friday, April 10, 2009

Imagine if you will

Stopping at a traffic signal, as your about to enter the freeway, behind a pickup truck.

Now imagine that in this pickup truck's bed is a circular saw on top of two pieces of plywood, surrounded by miscellaneous tool boxes, more heavy saws, a few hammers, and many open boxes of nails.

Now imagine that none of it is strapped down, not a bungee cord in site.

Now imagine that the truck bed is open and the circular saw that is atop the plywood is laying on the truck bed's door (unstrapped) precariously near the edge.

"Mr., please don't hit a bump."


merathon said...

WHAT?? maybe that's legal in utah! :)

Snell Family said...

There are too many stupid people!

Just last week I was behind a truck that had a stool just sitting on top of something else and of course, right as a passed the truck it fell out in the middle of the road. And then there is the ladder incident where I thought we were all going to die.

Maybe to buy a truck they should have a class on "How to properly transport and secure things"!

Amber said...

Or just use common sense?

Lambert Family said...

Ha! My sister got in a horrible accident on the freeway last month becuase some idiot lawncare guy didn't strap anything down on the back of his flat bed and a huge garbage can flew off and barely missed her car. She spun 3 times and into the gaurdrail. She is lucky she didn't get seriously injured. People are so dumb!

Jess and Broadie said...

I had a similar thing happen just the other day, a lawn chair flew out of the back of a truck and hit my car.... scary ... imagine a SAW! Holy crap dumb people shouldn't breed! HAHA JK .... glad nothing happened to you guys!

Snell Family said...


Amber said...

I've been waiting for a Leah post but haven't seen it yet, so....Happy Happy Birthday to our Little Leah!