Monday, February 23, 2009

A Post Holiday Favorite

My favorite thing about the day(s) after the holidays are the awesome sales. I love getting holiday decor at least 50% off. I bought some silk poinsettia plants for Christmas just three weeks ago for $1 each. ONE DOLLAR! Of course, I only bought six because I didn't want to go overboard and make next Christmas look like a Crazy Poinsettia Lady lived at my house. Yes, I'm sure they must exist, because as I was putting six plants in my cart, I saw another lady with three baskets full of them. She must have had at least 20. I don't know, maybe she's the activities committee chair-person for her ward.

*Back to the sales* Today I found Valentine candy for 50% off. The ONLY time candy is ever on sale is post holiday. So naturally I 'stocked' (one bag of each) up on my favorites.

Now the dilemma: What order should I eat the chocolate in?

Okay, we all know that plain old milk chocolate pretty much has no place on this earth since milk chocolate with nuts, dark chocolate, and dark chocolate with nuts are clearly superior products. Which leaves me here: eat the milk chocolate first (get the worst out of the way), eat the Krackel second, Mr. Goodbar third, and the special dark chocolate (the best of all the game) gets saved for last.


But I really love Mr. Goodbar. It isn't his fault that Hershey made him milk chocolate, is it? And plain chocolate, no matter the darkness or lightness, is NOT better than chocolate with nuts. Is it? And where on earth do I put the Nerds?!?! The sweetness of chocolate and the sweetness of candy are two very different things.


This is how it's going to happen: yucky milk chocolate first, Krackel second, Goodbar third, Nerds fourth, special dark fifth. The Goodbar and the special dark can take turns being third and fifth respectively.

But what's really going to happen is that NONE of the milk chocolate will be eaten unless I have a huge headache or ALL of the other chocolate is gone and it is my last resort to get rid of a headache.

And Matt and I will likely fight over the Mr. Goodbars and special dark chocolates.

And if you think this is weird, don't even get me started on how to eat Skittles.
Or Pixie Sticks.
Or M&M's.


Lindsay Quinney said...

I would choose to eat just the Mr. Goodbars and David would eat the special darks. Then the rest would go to waste and eventually be thrown away.

Snell Family said...

I'm all about the Mr. Goodbars but I don't have enough restraint to save them for last. They would be the first to go!

Amber said...

You should give me all your WONDERFUL milk chocolate and I will take care of it for you! And anytime I get NASTY dark chocolate and anything with NASTY nuts in it I will give it to you!

Mirien said...

The older I get, I like my chocolate DARK--the darker the better. But, can't throw away the other stuff, so I chop it up and put it in cookies or muffins or something. I missed the sales this year! darn.