Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pulling My Hair Out

The Little Mermaid DVD case is missing and it is driving me C R A Z Y! Obviously, the best thing to do is to blog about it instead of looking for it.


Emily Rasi-Koskinen said...

My watch is missing and I feel the same way! On Dora when something is lost they go to the lost city. Maybe we should try there? If only!! Good luck finding the case, probably under the couch.

P.s. Mark is supposed to be getting your address, but no success. Will you email it to me? thanks.

Shawna said...

For some reason I couldn't comment on the previous post put I started laughing so hard looking at that picture of Leah. Kids always find a way to make us laugh!!

Marci said...

We avoid this by throwing out the movie cases within 3 days of opening a new movie. We have a big case that holds the dvds, and after a few years of holding onto dvd cases I realized it was not only cluttering my house, but my brain as well!