Monday, September 8, 2008


Matt posted the story I'm about to retell on his blog also.

Last night we arrived home from a family gathering at about 10:00 or so. Matt and I heard the tv on and each asked the other, "Did you turn on the tv?" Neither of us had, so we assumed that it was the only other member of our family qualified to do such a job. Leah. Matt went out to the family room,turned off the tv and sat down at the computer. Next thing I hear is a sweet little voice saying, "Football." Leah had been watching football, Matt had left the television on some sports channel. I asked Matt if he'd heard what she said.

MATT: "What Leah?"
LEAH: "Daddy, I wanna watch football."
MATT: "Oh come here," as he picks her up and gives her a giant hug.

At least he's gotten one of us into his obsession. All weekend Leah was shouting at the television with her dad. Yes, football season is upon us and I have two huge fans in the household. During any game that's on, you can count on Leah copying anything her dad is saying to the tv. She'll yell, "Touchdown," and "Go Cougars, "even if they aren't playing.

Maybe Leah should take the other BYU ticket this season.

Oh and by the way...

It doesn't matter how you slice or dice it... a win's still a win.


Sarah said...

That's cute! I'm sure it's really exciting to have offspring that shares an obsession with you.

I love your new blog design!

Marci said...

So cute! When Danny watches Nathan marches around the living room bouncing up and down throwing his arms in the air saying "woo woo" He can't tell me when he's hungry or thirsty but he can cheer with the best of 'em.

Tracy said...

She is just so sweet. Your blog looks great! It's making me want another makeover...I'm never satisfied.