Friday, July 18, 2008

Pick Up Time

It's that time again, time to pick up the garbage cluttering my brain:

* I think it's time for the fishes to go.
* So You Think You Can Dance was SO good last night.
* Woo Hoo for working out two days in a row. Yes, this is a big deal for me.
* Only 6 more hours until we'll be watching Batman - The Dark Knight.
* Which also means only 4 hours until Leah goes to the babysitter, thanks Rick!
* I also think it's time for me to go fold the laundry.
* I don't understand why some adults feel the need to keep up seemingly 'high school' relationships. Not that having relations from high school is bad, but the relationship needs to evolve into an adult one. Remember all that drama from high school? The nice thing is, it can all go away.
* I'm pretty hungry right now, but I probably won't eat because I know if I do I won't be hungry for dinner. Silly huh.
* Lisa only has 5 days left and then I will have another nephew!
* Anyone know of any good teething remedies? Leah's having a really rough time with her most recent teeth growing endeavors. We're talking runny nose, ornery, and fever.
* Sometimes Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8 really annoys me. She's really crazy about some things. Then I take a step back and look at her and she and I are sort of alike. I hope my habits aren't quite THAT annoying.
* I hope Matt likes his birthday presents... one of them is sort of strange.
* We just bought the Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman and Robin DVD's all for the low price of $33. Matt will be so happy.
* Alright, time to do the laundry, for real.

Some times it just feels so good to write things down. Maybe now I can stop thinking about them, except for the laundry part. I won't stop thinking about that until it's done. Lame, huh.


brie said...

I daresay we may be in the same movie theater tonight...

Joey and Kimbie said...

Joey wants to see Dark Night in the IMAX, and when we went to go buy tickets 2 weeks ago, everything was filled up except for an occasional seat here and there, so we have to wait until next week to see it. I can wait. Batman is my favorite and has been from when I was little!! Just from watching the previews,I'm so amazed by Heath Ledger. Gives me chills everytime! I so badly want to buy all of the batmans! The only one we have right now is Batman Begins! But I'd love to own ALL of them! Have fun tonight ;)

Katy said...

can you clear my brain too?

hey... i am getting a new newphew soon too!

what is jon and kate plus 8?

Marci said...

Try Highlands Homeopathy teething remedy. It works wonders! You should be able to find it at Wal-mart, if not Wild Oats will have it for sure. Danny says that I remind him of Kate from John and Kate, sometimes she annoys me to, I've heard that sometimes what we don't like in others is what we don't like in ourselves, in this instance I choose to ingnore that saying :0

Carl and Steph said...

Does that really work to clear all the thoughts that are running around in your head like be-headed chickens? I hear teething tablets are good, but have no tesitmony of my own on them.

Amber said...

I always think of you when I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8, I don't think you're that bad though. You don't yell at Matt she yells at Jon.