Monday, June 9, 2008

The Living Planet Aquarium

On Saturday Matt, Leah and I went to The Living Planet Aquarium.

The Jellies

More Jellies

Leah and Matt looking at, you guessed it, JELLIES

That dome thing that Matt and Leah were looking into from the above picture looked like this.

Here's Matt touching the Manta Ray. It's blurry because Matt had to take the picture himself. I was trying to convince a 2 year old not to jump into the pool with the Manta Rays.

This is what I saw when I reached in to touch the Manta Rays. I didn't really want to - see his eyes? It looked like he was just waiting for some unsuspecting human to reach their quavering arm down so he could swim up it, latch onto the unsuspecting human's face, and suffocate that unsuspecting, totally paranoid, human. I would never have such irrational fears, so I did (eventually) reach down and touch the little sucker's wing. Very weird, I must say. Sort of felt like a wet sponge? Maybe?

Leah finally learned that frogs say, "Ribbit," not, "Yum-yum."

I think this picture is silly: who sells a badger at the gift store in an A-Q-U-A-R-I-U-M! What you can't see in this picture is that Leah is standing 10 feet away, scared to death of her father. She wouldn't go near any of the other stuffed animals after this.


Snell Family said...

There were quite a few things in that gift store that didn't fit in.

Amber said...

Rowdy likes you too, thats why he drools on you. It's his sign of affection!