Monday, May 19, 2008


This weekend we were surprised by two things. The first being that Matt's good friend from college came out from San Diego to join us for the weekend. Matt and John spent a while together up at Rick's College. I believe they were roommates, but I'm a little fuzzy on that fact. Anyway, John was able to fly out on Friday and spend a few days out here. We watched the Jazz game, played some Wii (he'd never played Guitar Hero before! I think that's a sin for most people these days-especially if you own a console that will support the game), went swimming, ate some Vietnamese food, made some homemade ice cream. You know the drill.

Matt and John. This is sort of a silly picture of them (I think they were watching a dog swim and stalk a duck at the same time) but I was testing out the panorama function on our camera. Thanks Tracy for teaching me how to use my camera.

The evening John flew in, Friday, Matt and I had previously accepted an invitation to watch a Jazz game at some friend's house. Good food, good friends, what should have been a good game. What could go wrong? Friday morning I woke up feeling a little, shall we say, uneasy. I spend all morning, a lot of the afternoon, and some of the evening throwing up (it's a good thing John came into town, he was able to go with Matt and Leah to our friend's house for the evening and leave me alone) which leads me to my second surprise. Looks like I came down with a mild case of food poisoning. It was terrible. I felt awful, but Leah must have had a wonderful day of watching T.V. as I was indisposed to caring for her the way I usually do. Leah watched A LOT of T.V. that day. But all is well that ends well, I suppose. The next day I woke up feeling great and it was over. I was able to enjoy the rest of our weekend and am so grateful to be functioning again.

Leah eating her 'as-cweem' (ice cream)

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Amber said...

I am glad that you are feeling better! You missed a fun night. I do have some pictures of Leah that I will be posting-the pictures are what happens to Leah when dad is watching the Jazz game and mom is home sick! Are you scared?