Thursday, May 22, 2008

Leah's New Baby

Last night was the Pine Wood Derby for the scouts and as Matt is the Assistant Pack Master it was a huge deal. Unfortunately, because Matt has a weird schedule and the Pack Master is sort of a Lone Wolf when it comes to planning big things we had no input as to what was really happening.

Here was our Pine Wood Derby experience, in general detail: Pack Master shows up at 6:20 to start setting up for the 6:30 activity. His wife shows up at 6:45 with all the extra materials to really get things going. Let the weighing begin! Matt was in charge of the weigh-in's because he didn't have a child involved and could be the most unbiased judge there. Weigh-in's took another 30 or so minutes as one of the scout's car weighed 6 oz. instead of the regulation 5 oz. Now, let the drilling begin. We had a good time racing all the cars about 4 times each (this was a crazy, disorganized mess).

All in all it was fun, minus the crazy kids running around like chickens with their heads cut off and stealing all the prizes. I think the rice krispie treats at the end were my favorite part of the evening. Cleaning the liquid graphite off the tables was definitely NOT my favorite part.

On another, totally unrelated note, Leah has developed a new 'friend'.

Anyone who knows Leah knows that she loves all thing baby. Real babies, dolls, anything. She even fed our friend's baby, Ashton, an entire bottle all by herself. Leah loves to be near babies and just watch them. Lately, she has taken to getting rags out from my kitchen drawers and putting them on top of her dolls. She realizes they are the perfect size to act as blankets. Leah cuddles the dolls and puts them over her shoulder and pats their backs to 'calm them down'. It really sweet to watch.
This morning as I went to get Leah out of her highchair after breakfast, I saw her doing this: she's cuddling a 'baby' in an Elmo Rag/Blanket. Wait, look closely.

It's her breakfast spoon. Anything Leah can make into a baby, she will.


Amber said...

That's adorable! I think you need one of two things-a dog or a sibling for her.

Carl and Steph said...

There is no's a baby!! hehehe. It's like you buy the kids these really neat toys for christmas/birthday and they end up playing with the boxes they came in. She's a cute "bump-kin."

Marci said...

You know what this means... its time to get working on number 2!