Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Does Anyone Really Understand?

I love mustard! I love mustard in most forms and on a variety of things. I really love mustard with french fries (I always get weird glances from the server at a restaurant when I ask for mustard with my fries) and onion rings. YUMMY! Today I will just make a short comment on how much better SPICY BROWN is versus CLASSIC YELLOW. As much as I like CLASSIC YELLOW, SPICY BROWN really is so so so much better. Gouda cheese, wheat thins, beef stick, and spicy brown mustard - need I say more?

I bet you all thought this would be a more ponderous post than it was. I wanted the title to mislead.


Tracy said...

The post content WAS unexpected after the title, especially since the picture of what I'm assuming is mustard didn't show up on my screen, but I am with you. LOVE mustard. Have you had the spicy mustard at Fuddruckers? GOOD stuff. We share so many loves...I think you should write a song about spicy mustard on a rainy day.

Michelle said...

Wow!! That is crazy!!! I like mustard, but am a little nervous to try the spicy brown... I'll have to try it sometime!! Ryan hates it so I very rarely buy it!! Oh, and to answer your question about Lagoon, I went for my first time last summer, and then my second was just recently!! =D But we all need to go sometime!! =D