Friday, February 8, 2008

One Step Closer

I've done it! I've found another way to keep Leah happy while still keeping my sanity. You know all of those toys that you have for your kids that have sound boxes? All the ones that you bought knowing it would irritate you to no end but you had to get it anyway? I've found a solution!

Leah loves loves loves two of these such toys immensely; her piano and her baseball toy are the culprits. I think these toys are very cute and fun and of course, Leah does as well. The piano especially seems to intrigue her as she has learned that one of the settings will let her push a button once and music will play for 10 minutes (no joke - this is not a parent friendly toy). I can't find it in myself to just put the toy away, she loves it so much and she dances to the music.
So, I had an epiphany today while I was organizing my linen closet.

I happened upon some white felt fabric and some mailing tape. "Together," I thought, "these two would make a lovely team." And they have! Just by cutting out a small square of felt and taping it on to the speaker of the sound box I have effectively dulled the music enough that I can tune it out but not so much that Leah can't play with it in the same manner as before.

Just one step closer to saving my sanity.

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Snell Family said...

Good idea! We would always cover Kalebs really annoying toys with tape over the speaker part to make it a little bit quieter but I'll have to try the felt too.