Wednesday, February 13, 2008

29 Days of Gratitude - Part XIII

I have 4 sisters- 2 older, and 2 younger- and I just love them. I, truly, have the most wonderful sisters a girl could ask for. It's always been interesting to me that we all grew up in the same family and yet we are all SO different. Sure, you can definitely tell we grew up in the same household and have similar traits along many lines, but we all have such different interests and fortes. For instance, Tracy and Lisa have incredible decorator's eyes. Tracy is determined and a go-getter. Lisa is ridiculously creative. Megan is such an artist. Whether she admits it or not, she really has a great talent for art. And Katie is a tender-heart when it comes to anything animal related, particularly marine wildlife. When we were younger someone killed a spider once and she was so disappointed in the killer of that spider. Of course, we have not all been blessed with the ability to see a spider, walk up to the spider, pick up said spider, and release it into the wild. I love my sisters dearly and know that without each of their examples I wouldn't be who I am today. Each one of my sisters has inspired me in some way.

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