Monday, February 11, 2008

29 Day of Gratitude - Part XI

How can you not be grateful for your mom and dad. Especially being a parent now, I really am starting to get a glimpse of everything they did for us growing up. My parents are phenomenal. They are extremely loving, kind, and accepting people. I feel that they really let each of their 7 kids grow to be individuals. They helped us to find and explore our own talents and they understand what each of us feel strongly about. Mom and dad have always been able to grow so much themselves while still staying true and strong to the values they believe in. I always knew what was important in their lives; they are incredible examples. Not only for me but also for my family. As grandparents to Leah they are loving, caring, and always willing to babysit. Oh and by the way, the hat my dad is wearing clearly was not his.

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