Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy? Sad?

Well, I finally had our carpets cleaned again.

Part of my job as the leasing agent for our apartment community has me showing apartments (duh) to potential tenants. Well, being a small complex, I have the 'opportunity' to show all these prospects OUR apartment as we rarely have any vacant apartments to show. Normally this doesn't bother me. Although I have seen my fair share of weird, eccentric and sometimes just creep
y individuals (who have not been allowed into my home) I find that most people are fairly normal and perfectly pleasant to invite in. This is all fine until the Winter and Spring seasons. People tracking mud onto my carpet and freshly cleaned kitchen floors is not okay. Of course I can't say anything to these people about it, but come on... have you ever heard of wiping your feet before entering what is clearly my home? This leads me to my original topic of having my carpets cleaned.

Luckily, because I do have so much foot traffic in our apartment I am entitled to having our carpets cleaned every 3-4 mont
hs for free. So, this last Sunday night Matt and I went about moving out as much furniture from the carpeted areas as possible. Moving furniture here there and everywhere we eventually discovered that all of our furniture was out from the living room (except the t.v. stand and computer desk - I didn't want to deal with the cords) and most of it was out of Leah's room as well. We had put EVERYTHING into our kitchen/dining area!

Now, onto my titled topic: should I be happy that our kitchen is so huge that it can store the majority of our furniture and still have access to the fridge and cupboards, or sad that we have so little furniture that we can fit it into our kitchen? Obviously, I think I'll opt for the former in hopes that one day we will end up with so much furniture that we can no longer live in an apartment!


Emily Rasi-Koskinen said...

It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate over the years. The more family members, the more stuff!! So I would be grateful you can fit it all in the kitchen. I think it will take another move in order to get our carpets cleaned!!

Tracy said...

Love the new blog look!

No worries, someday you'll have more stuff...and it'll drive you a little bit crazy. Then you'll see your sisters' cute, simple apartments and feel a bit envious! ;)

Tracy said...

P.S. I'm addicted to the song 'Out of My League'. Neve heard it before and I LOVE it.

Paul & Sarah said...

I think that's a huge accomplishment to have a roomy apartment with not too much stuff in it. You'd be an excellent Tetris player, I might add, judging by your stacking skills there in the kitchen!