Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby Lingo

Leah's speech has really improved lately. She is such a mimic and tries so hard to copy most phrases and actions. This morning, Leah once again surprised me with her ever expanding vocabulary. For breakfast she has two options (I know, Matt thinks I'm a mean mom for only giving her two options but she won't eat anything else for breakfast - I've tried). Every morning I show her the box of Cheerios and the box of frozen pancakes from the freezer and she gets to choose. This morning I hadn't even said what they were yet and Leah emphatically shouted, "Dee-Dee-Oh's," and pointed to the Cheerios box. It was so funny! Then while I made her breakfast she wandered around the house saying, "Dee-Dee-Oh's, Dee-Dee-Oh's, Dee-Dee-Oh's!" I finished making her breakfast and she scrambled to get into her seat. As I sat Leah in her highchair and handed her the bowl of Cheerios and her cup she said, "Dake You." Loosely translated: thank you. Oh, I love that girl!

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Paul & Sarah said...

What a cute little girl! I love the video you posted! I also think it's about the coolest thing ever when you finally connect verbally with your child. We're not quite to the level Leah's at, but we're making great strides. It's so fun!