Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mashed Potatoes

My 'BIG' food assignment for the McGee Thanksgiving Dinner is half of the mashed potatoes. My mom likes to make the mashed potatoes the day before and heat them up in the crockpot the day of Thanksgiving. I thought I would take a page from her book and do just that. So once I got Leah down for a nap and the phones finally stopped ringing (who wants to move from one apartment to another the day after Thanksgiving anyway?!?!?) I decided to start peeling away. Little did I know how therapeutic peeling potatoes has become.

I remember when I was younger my mom would ask me to peel potatoes for Sunday dinner. This was the second worst job she could ask me to do; the worst being setting the table. Well, of course, I would mumble and grumble the entire time making the experience much worse for more than just myself. Today, as my home was so quiet (insert shocked expression) and I was peeling potatoes I was recalling those Sundays. As I was thinking about those moments I found myself thinking about how nice it was to have the option to be peeling potatoes now. Getting ready for a big Thanksgiving Dinner that will be shared with our wonderful families. Without being too mushy it made me really glad that I had those 15 or so minutes to peel 22 potatoes and start getting into Holiday Mode.

Scratch that Leah just woke up.

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Katy said...

wish I could have eaten at least one of those. I only had to peel 3 or so... and lucy wasn't sleeping. Why didn't we enjoy the silence more a year and a half ago? What were we thinking?