Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jacket Weather

I love this season! Although I go back and forth between loving the fall of the leaves or the spring of new ones (which also brings up jacket weather vs. flip flop weather) there is something about the coziness of this time of year that I just can't get enough of. Here are some of the things I LOVE about this season:

*jackets, of course
*autumn colors
*the night air smell
*apples being in season
*my grandma's pumpkin pie
*opening the windows
*hot chocolate and toast
*having candy out on my table ALL THE TIME (guilty pleasure)
*listening to the crowd cheering for the soccer games that are hosted across the street
*crunching leaves
*watching Leah crunch leaves

1 comment:

Paul & Sarah said...

Hey, I was just checking out Tracy's new addition on her blog when I found yours! This is very cute! It's amazing how big Leah is getting...and she's in nursery now, huh? So I completely agree with all of your reasons why you love fall. It's one of my very favorite seasons too, although I do love summer for its' warmth. We're still waiting for fall to stay here in Missouri, but now and then we'll get a day when I can put on my jacket! But I'm ready for it!